Life before Iceland

Before moving to Iceland I worked in media for many years in The Netherlands (at a radiostation called 3FM). It was a great job and I loved working there, but it was also stressful and busy, so I needed a holiday!
I decided to go to Iceland because we had been playing an Icelandic artist called Ásgeir a lot at my radiostation and I loved his music.

Love at first sight

Going to Iceland gave me so much peace and I loved every minute of it. I fell head over heels in love with the country. So when I landed in the Netherlands I immediately decided I needed to go back. I quit my job, sold my stuff and found a job as a horse riding guide in Iceland. Nine months later I had my one way ticket and I was on a plane back to Iceland.

My plan was to stay for six months, but that has been many yers ago now.

A dream come true

When I was a little girl, it was my dream to work on a horse farm. I would draw horses all the time and imagined living in a land with mountains and houses with red roofs (as you can see in this drawing (below) that I made for my grandparents). Fast forward twenty years and that dream came true after moving to Iceland (the land with many mountains, horses and red roofed houses, as you can see in the photo below the drawing).

More info underneath the photos.


Finding photography

I worked as a guide on riding tours for several years in Iceland and loved my job with the horses. And as an unexpected extra, I found out that I loved photographing these beautiful creatures. They are often the main subject in my photography.

Limited Edition Prints

Before moving to Iceland I had never even touched a camera, but this country and it's four-legged inhabitants are so photogenic, I just could not NOT make photos. My camera has not left my side since and it has made me even more aware of all the beauty around us.

Photography has become such a big part of my life and I would love for it to be one of my main sources of income as well. That’s why I have opened this print shop with Limited Edition prints and I hope you will enjoy my version of Iceland as much as I do.

Travel Advice

Beside photography I also focus on designing knitting patterns and offering Iceland Travel Advice.

If you are planning a trip to Iceland and want some local advice: let me know and I can help you plan your best trip ever! Check out how I can help you.

Let's work together!

Are you a company with a focus on Iceland? Do you think I could help you create content for your social media / website / mailing list?

I would love to work together! Send me an email and I will contact you for a brainstorm session: