My Iceland Guide

The last few years I've been collecting the best sightseeing spots, restaurants, accommodations, waterfalls, spa's, swimming pools and hikes all over Iceland. (scroll down to see the interactive map)

And now I have finally combined all of this information in one guide!

You can first download a free e-book with basic information, discount codes and my favorite tours and accommodations if you like!

Download the FREE e-book

Who is my Digital Iceland Guide for?

  • For people that have never visited Iceland before and don't know where to start planning their trip.
  • For people that have been to Iceland before, but would like to get new ideas and find new more off the beaten path spots. There's many things on the map I only found out about after living in Iceland for many years.
  • For people that live in Iceland and want to explore their own country. The North and East are not as touristy and fun to explore for both tourists as locals.


What is in my Digital Iceland Guide?

  • Things to do: You will see a long list with photos. These are things to do, places to see, restaurants to eat at, hotels to sleep at. You can click on them to get more information. There are also several recommendations you can see without paying for access (the ones you need to pay for have a little lock at the top right corner, the free ones, do not have this). So go check it out!
  • Interactive map: At the bottom of the "things to do page" you see a button called "Map View". If you click on that one, you can see the locations of all Things To Do. Check out the map!
  • Itineraries: I've made several itineraries. At the moment there's mainly itineraries for North Iceland, but there will be itineraries for the South and ring road coming too. Show me your itineraries!
  • Travel Tips: This part of the guide is completely free. I'm sharing my best travel tips here. You will find info about websites you need to check when traveling in Iceland and I tell you how to experience Iceland like the locals do! I want to get free travel tips!
  • Discount codes on tours: Iceland is expensive, so you want to save money wherever you can! Lucky for you I have a discount code for many different tours. Give me that discount!

How much does the guide cost?

All prices are in € (euro).

  • Interactive map: You can unlock the map for €35. You get access to all my personal tips and can see where they are on the map.
  • Itineraries: I have made several itineraries, mainly for North Iceland at the moment. They are between €0-15. 
  • Travel Tips: For free!
  • Video Call: You can also choose t o have a one hour video call with me. I can answer all of your questions and you will also get access to my map and all other itineraries for only €149.
  • Full access: Full access to the map and to all itineraries. This lifetime access is valid for all current and future recommendations and itineraries and only costs €59.

If you sign up to my newsletter, you'll get a 20% discount code on full access to the guide!


  • How do I access the map? You log in with your email address, Facebook or Google account, and the map / guide can be accessed from your mobile browser or computer browser. It is not an app (yet).
  • Do I need to be connected to the internet to access it? Yes.
  • How long will I have access? Once you buy access, it is forever.
  • How can I pay? Payment is made via the Rexby platform. Prices are in € (Euro). You can pay via creditcard, Google Pay (in Chrome) or Apple Pay (in Safari).
  •  Will I have access to updates? Yes, when you buy access, you buy access to all my current and future recommendations. I will keep adding new places whenever I find new amazing spots.
  • Is the guide only available in English? Yes it is at the moment.
  • Do you have some free tips? Yes, you can find my free travel tips here. And in my recommendations you'll find some free tips too. Just check out the interactive map below to see which tips are not "locked".